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Terms of Use

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Youbrio Tutor Rooms provide students with access to top-quality teachers, helping them get the most out of their practice and study time. It is accessible anywhere with unlimited access (during hour of operations).

This is a monthly subscription based service.

Subscription Fee

Youbrio Tutor Rooms offers plan based on grades the students are in, and different subscription durations. Please refer to the Youbrio App - Tutor Rooms for up to date subscription fees. Please note that pricing and operating hours can be subject to change and Youbrio reserves the right to refine and review all subscription plans and fees.


Prior to renewal, you will be informed via email or SMS of the subscription expiration.

Subscription Fee Policy

The Tutor Room is a monthly subscription service. Students have the option to subscribe for 1 month, 3 months or 12 months, with the longer subscription periods at discounted rates. Once the subscription service has started, it cannot be paused and will continue until completion of the current subscription period. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable once the subscription has started.

If Youbrio needs to stop/halt the operation of the Tutor Rooms (or in a position not able to provide the service), we will provide a pro-rata subscription fee refund for active subscribers.

We reserved the rights to review and adjust the subscription fees from time to time.

Subscription Pass Policy

Youbrio Tutor Rooms passes will be valid for 3 (THREE) months from the date purchasing.

Hours of Operations

Please refer to the Youbrio App - Tutor Rooms Listing for up to date hours of operation.

Tutor Room operating hours will be determined based on your location.
  • Weekdays - Australia (Sydney/Melbourne Time) - Monday to Friday, 7:30pm-8:30pm
  • Weekdays - Asia (Beijing/Singapore Time) - Monday to Friday, 7:30pm-8:30pm
Please note: Tutor Room will not operate during public holidays in the area it operates.

Students can enter the rooms and practice under the supervision of our highly qualified and professional tutors. Parents are welcome to join/observe while their child is attending the Tutor Room.

Each tutor room typically has maximum of upto 5 students, however, from time to time due to operational constraints, we may increase the maximum number of students per room.

Compatible Devices

Youbrio Tutor Rooms are compatible with the following devices/operating systems:
  • Apple iOS devices via Youbrio App (current devices that support iOS v13 and above)
  • Android Phone and Tablet via Youbrio App, with Android v8.0 and above, with a minimum 4GB RAM (device with a minimum RAM of 6GB is strongly recommended)
  • MS Windows 10 machine with Google Chrome Browser via Youbrio Web Portal (Recommended to have 8GB RAM and above)
  • Apple Mac OS machine with Google Chrome Browser via Youbrio Web Portal (Recommended to have 8GB RAM and above)

Intellectual Property

All videos and audios generated during the operation of the Tutor Room is intellectual property of Youbrio. Students will have access and use the service when their subscriptions remains active. Youbrio reserves the right to use the intellectual property for, but not limited to, the Tutor Room operations, Youbrio platform operations, sales and marketing operations for Youbrio and its related entities.


  • Calendar Month and Month, are defined as the time period from a specified day of one month to and including the end of the day before that day in the next month.
  • Weekdays, are defined as Monday to Friday of a calendar week
  • Weekend, are defined as Saturday and Sunday

Policy effective since 01-Mar-2021, Last Updated on 28-Dec-2021.