YOUBRIO's Technology Explained

Quality lesson experiences and privacy protection

Security Measures Addressed:

Recent concerns regarding video conference Bombing privacy issues:

For some conferencing apps on the market, the user’s meeting ID and personal ID are often published online or shared on social media. The users are often joining the same video room, whether it’s for a video conference or a class. Data breaches and leaks can be caused due to external users gaining access to meeting rooms uninvited.

On YOUBRIO’s infrastructure, connections are encrypted and our class room IDs are securely hidden from all users. YOUBRIO room IDs are managed through our secure learning management system, this way the classes are transparent for users and at the same time provide a smooth lesson experience (without the hassle of sharing personal IDs or meeting room IDs.)

Recent concerns regarding the sharing of users' data to third party companies:

As video conferencing apps on the market are usually provided to users on a “free to use” basis, they all need other ways of generating income. Sharing users’ data and personal information can be a common way to achieve this purpose.

YOUBRIO is an educational platform which is free to use, allowing teachers to conduct lessons with their own students free of any platform charges. YOUBRIO depends on the requests and referrals from students when they need to learn other subjects or instruments. YOUBRIO will charge users a small percentage of the lesson fee when the student or teacher is referred by the platform. This way users can be assured that their personal information and data is secure and will not be shared to third party companies.

Video and Audio Quality and Other Features:

YOUBRIO uses a combination of server based and point to point infrastructure with optimised video and sound, engineered by our audio technology department. Our audio technology department consists of musicians and graduates from world’s leading conservatories. They are consistently conducting extensive testing with various instruments and device setups to ensure the quality of YOUBRIO lessons are optimised to suit even the most professional music lessons.

YOUBRIO's video service uses enhanced “Jitsi Technology” integrated with YOUBRIO’s own infrastructure hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), as they are considered the world’s most reliable and secure infrastructure. This setup allows the user to experience the best possible learning experience by providing smooth and reliable video streaming (providing there is no network connectivity issue on the clients’ end)

YOUBRIO’s customer service team is always on standby to attend to all your online lesson needs. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.